Stirring It Up

Stirring It Up contains practical advice for keeping the Holy Spirit stirred up in your life. Though written with Catholic teens in mind, this book will benefit anyone who is interested in growing closer to God. You can listen to the individual chapters read by Paul here and information on purchasing this book can be found here.


  • Dedication & Mad Props
  • Introduction – Awe, Fear, a Trigger, and Doubt
  • Pleasure to Angels
  • Shut Up! (praying for death and black shoes)
  • Ugly Emily
  • The “F” Word
  • Sacred Moments (like winning the World Series)
  • I Reckon’ So
  • Show Me…Your Future
  • The Worst Memory Ever
  • Jon & Amber’s Keg Party
  • An Indian Named Tonto
  • The Case of the Boiling Frog
  • The Final Chapter – Heaven
  • (Appendix) Sinners on Prayer
  • (Appendix) The Word from Your Peers
  • (Appendix) Nothing Like Going Down a Slide…
  • (Appendix) More on the “F” Word
  • (Appendix) Prayer for Healing of Memories