(why other people think you should check out these books)

From a teenager

Paul – every time I read something of yours, I feel like it’s speaking directly to me, like it’s exactly what I needed to hear – as I read your chapters I think I ended up with tears in my eyes, though whether they were from laughter or otherwise, I don’t know. And that’s the best part: you have the reader laughing out loud and still being touched by everything. It made me wonder (out loud, in fact… no one else was home heehee =D ) why are you so cool?? It’s just not fair. Basically I want to be you.

From a Mother of Eight Children

Paul Masek and The REAP Team have played such an important part in my children’s lives. I’m sure that this book will have just as big of an impact. It will be read by my children and I am sure countless others.

From a Dad (father of two teenagers)

The secret of Paul Masek’s success as a youth minister is that he is both a fully mature, faithful man of God and a 40-something kid. Sometimes he’s just plain silly. Sometimes he can make you cry or drop to your knees in prayer. I have seen his ability to reach and touch the lives of kids many times in person, so I know that this book will be a great resource to both the young people it is written for and the youth ministers who work with them. As a parent, I heartily endorse this book and the man who wrote it. Parents: Your kids need to read this book. As a matter of fact, you do, too.